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Are you looking at the number of apps that are available on Google Play store download? Indeed, the number of apps in this virtual marketplace is staggering. Find out how do it in this article that we explain to continuation.

play store for pc

Play Store is the largest virtual marketplace for Android apps and it has come to be known as the trusted platform or source of all kinds of free and paid apps for Android devices. People who own Android phones or tablets are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding apps of any category. However, the only thing standing in between your joy of exploring an app on your phone or tablet is the slow data connectivity. Mobile processors and mobile data connections are still lagging behind in many parts of the world. Even though in many countries 4G technology is in vogue, many are still struggling with 3G or even poorer connectivity.

For such reasons, you might want to go around the problem by downloading the apps onto your computer. Usually internet connections are cheaper for laptops through landline or broadband connections. Thus, it proves cheaper to download apps onto your PC instead of directly downloading them onto your smartphone or tablet. However when you log onto Google Play via the browser or your PC, you will be asked to provide details of any Android device you own. Any app that you wish to download will be downloaded only to the Android device and not onto the PC platform. There is a way however, of getting round this problem and getting apps downloaded onto your PC.

In order to download Google Play store apps onto your PC, you need to have Google Chrome browser installed in your PC. On opening the Chrome browser, you need to download the APK downloader extension file which is available on many tech forums. After the download is completed, right click on Google Chrome and choose the Properties option. Here, under Shortcuts, check on the option to ignore certificate errors and to allow unsecured content to be run.

After you have made these changes, close the Chrome browser and restart the same. On the options page of Extensions you need to fill in device ID and other details of your Android device. After you have made these inputs, you need to go onto Google Play store and try out the new configurations. When you click on an application for download, an apk icon will appear on your address bar. This will download the application onto your PC.

There is a limitation for using this method to download apps from Google Play store onto your PC. Such a method can be followed only for free apps. If you click on downloading paid apps, the download link will not appear. If you are unable to make the setups and configurations as required to download the Google Play apps onto your PC, you will get detailed video guides and instructions on many tech forums. It is indeed a handy way of avoiding downloading large size apps directly onto your mobile device using the mobile data connection.

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