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Samsung is one of the major smartphone brands.  The smartphone is android operated and that means that you can access the different apps from Play Store.  The Play Store is the place to be if you want access to different apps.  There are many versions of Play Store that have been developed.  All these version have come with different improvements that have been added. You may not be able to download the Play Store as it comes already installed.  However, you may update the Play Store to the latest version.

play store for samsung

How to download Play Store

Play Store the app comes as an APK file and that means that you will have to download it from other sources.  You may be required to give authorization for the device to be able to accept the APK.

  • Open the settings icon on your home page.
  • On the security option, check on unknown sources. You however need to uncheck this button once you are done with the installation. You need to be protected your device from unauthorized apps.
  • Open your browser on your phone and search for APK mirror.
  • Once the results are displayed, click on Google Play Store.
  • You need to have 14.45 MB for storage to be able to download this app. Click on download.
  • A pop will appear, ignore it.
  • Once the download of the app is complete, click on install.
  • Uncheck the unknown sources button on your phone.

All the Play Store free versions have come with many improvements. The latest version of the Play Store is the 6.0.5 version that was introduced in December 2015. This version has brought different changes. In the past the Play Store had 6 different fields. However, with this version the apps have been grouped into Apps and games. This has made it easy for one to be able to access the different apps. If you have Google account, you can easily access movies, books, games and other magnificent apps. As mentioned above the Play Store comes already installed in the phone. However there are times where you will experience challenged trying to access it. If you cannot find the Play Store, you need to first confirm that you are using an Android supported device. You may also have hidden the app and thus you will need to re-enable it. The other option will be for you to reboot the phone. If you notice that the Play Store app is not showing, you can contact your manufacturer for help. To access the different apps;

  • You will have to sign in to your account.
  • Enter your Google account details. If you have turned on the 2 step verification, you will be required to log in to your account using a different password that will be generated by the 2 step process.
  • Click on log in and you will get access to the different apps.

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