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Nowadays there is much demand for messenger applications. While WhatsApp has gotten the world of messenger services by storm with its free multimedia messaging features and independence from cellular networks, there are other applications that are offering similar features. Viber is one such application that was initially developed for the Nokia platform, but today the same app is found for other platforms as well, including the Android platform.

download play store for viber

If you are wondering what kind of features you can find with Viber, here are some data on this messaging app which will convince you for sure:

How to get Viber on Play Store

  • This app is used by around 700 million users across the world and with varied devices.
  • You can use the app to send messages as well as make phone calls and video calls of HD quality.
  • The application makes use of 3G or WiFi and hence, reduces the dependence on mobile networks.
  • Similar to WhatsApp, this application allows groups to be formed, each group can comprise of about 200 friends or contacts.
  • Photos can be shared as well as video calls made with HD quality.
  • One can take part in public chats or follow them real time.
  • Games are found on Viber that is popular with many users.
  • Push notifications allow one to be notified of messages even if the data network is down.

These are some of the highlights of the application that make it popular the world over. The app allows one to use the different features for free and there are no annoying ads that disturb the usage of the application.

If you are wondering how to get the app on your Android device, it is easily done through Google Play Store:

  • All you need to do is log onto Google Play Store.
  • Here there is a search option to look for different apps; alternatively you can browse through the app category of communications to look for Viber.
  • Among the apps like Skype, WhatsApp and others you will find Viber.
  • The app is posted as a free app on this Android marketplace.
  • Once the app is checked for the terms and conditions, you can agree to install the app on your device.
  • The installation will not take long as it is a lightweight application.
  • Once the application is downloaded you can start to use it.

The app will sync all the contacts from your phone book. You can invite those who are not on Viber to add the same, so that you can exchange messages on this platform. It will surely help to chat with your contacts, share photos or even make video calls. The strength of your data connection will define the quality of video calls that you can make. It is easy to communicate to groups as well as posting photos and videos. These are some of the useful features of this messaging service that have made it popular the world over. It is a great alternative to WhatsApp as well for those who find the app not working smoothly on their device.

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