Play Store Download for Nokia

The Nokia is a brand that is famous the world over. Indeed, at a time when cellular phones were a novelty, Nokia was the one brand that was owned by most people. Today Nokia has changed with times, but it is still synonymous with quality mobile technology. Founded about 150 years ago, this Finnish company has given the world the Symbian operating system which has been the foundation of several smartphones and cellular phones. Today they have merged with Microsoft and offer phones on the Windows platform. Today the Lumia series of Nokia are popular for the Windows platform as well as other trendy features which come at an affordable price range.

play store for nokia

Lumia series of Nokia phones offers wonderful features like:

  • Dual SIM feature.
  • Gorilla glass which is scratch resistant and offers crystal clear pictures of good quality that makes watching high definition videos and movies a pleasure.
  • The phone offers several trend setting video games which run at top speed and without lag being backed by the Snapdragon octa core processor.
  • The internal memory and RAM of generous capacity offer enough of storage options for the phone users.

How to opt for Google Play Store for Nokia

Given the number of features that are offered on Nokia Lumia phones, you will surely be considering this series for your next purchase. At the same time, if you are used to Android phones or tablets, you will surely miss the exciting world of apps that are offered by Google Play Store Download free. This is the renowned Android marketplace that is the storehouse of all kinds of Android apps. Indeed, the world of Android apps far exceeds the varieties offered on the Windows platform. For that reason, you might want to install Google Play Store on your Nokia phone. In order to download Play Store for Nokia Windows based phone you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose an android emulator program to run on your Windows phone.
  • The Windows platform of the Nokia phones is powerful enough to run an Android emulator program.
  • This emulator program will help you run Google Play Store.
  • You can download Play Store on the android emulator app.
  • Once the Google Play Store has been downloaded, you can download other apps as well that run on the Android platform.

Right now you have this option only for running the Google Play Store on your Nokia phone or play store for samsung mobile. However, with Microsoft’s contract with Nokia expiring soon, there is news that Nokia might be looking at launching phones based on the Android platform and if you have a Blackberry phone in this link we show you how install the app. That will surely make it easy for one to access Google Play Store on their Nokia phones. However, till then one would need to look at BlueStacks and other compatible android emulator programs for their Nokia phones if they wish to access Google Play Store on their Windows based Nokia phones. The phones have an OS and processor that are powerful to run these applications for which one will not have a problem accessing the Google Play Store or downloading the different applications.

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