Play Store Download for iPhone

If you own an iPhone or tablet, you will surely be visiting the Apple app store or the Tunes stores to get free or paid apps for your devices. Today Android apps are growing in number and popularity and often rival the set of apps that are available for Apple device users. Indeed, you might just come across an application that runs on Android devices and you might be wishing to have the same on your iPhone or iPad.

play store for iPhone

You might be wondering whether it is possible and in fact it is very much so. Google Play already has versions launched for Apple devices. There is much that you can do through this app. Once you see the range of apps that are available on Google Play, you will surely want to have as many choices for your iPhone or iPad as well.

If you review the news articles clicking here which provide updates on tech gadgets and applications, you will know that Google Play has already had its compatible versions available for iPhones and iPads way back in 2010. From Google Play books to music, there is much that you can download through Apple’s app store. Thus you will realize that, the key to getting hold of Google Play is to visit iTunes or Apple store where you can get this app downloaded. There are separate apps for Google Play books, Movies and even Google Play TV. For iPhones and tablets of Apple, you will need to download these apps from the stores as the Google Play store will not work on such devices.

There are select apps that are made available for iOS devices. Google Play Books is an app that was launched in 2010. This was an app launched for the app store of Apple. More recently the Google Play Music was launched, in 2013. This app offers several possibilities for iPhone and iPad users. With this app you can upload and stream music onto your device. That is a free service. All you need to do is get the free app downloaded onto your phone or tablet.

It is important to understand the difference between download play store for android apps and iOS apps. Google Play is like a virtual marketplace for Android apps. All kinds of Android based apps are found here, akin to the Apple store which has different apps for iOS devices. When you search for Google Play app on Apple store, you will get iOS apps which bring forth Google play store app features onto the iOS devices. For such a reason, you will not be able to find the Google Play store app for your iOS device. Only certain apps such as Google Play Movies, Music, Books and TV are apps that are made compatible or iOS devices. These are free apps that are found on Apple store. You can download the same via iTunes. Once the app is loaded onto your iPhone or tablet, you will be able to enjoy the features of these apps, just as these apps run on Android devices.

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