Play Store Download for Android

Today there are several kinds of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. The best part of such devices is the plethora of apps that are available for running on such platforms. From getting weather updates to games for your kids, there is nothing that does not have an Android app for it. In fact, most of such devices already come with Google Play store icon pre loaded.

play store for android

This is the main marketplace for getting Android apps. Though there are other Android forums, there is none as distinguished and reliable as Google Play. It also has the largest collection of free and paid apps for Android and other devices that show in this link as well. For such reason, the Google Play store icon is the first thing you need to check when you get your hands on a new tablet or smartphone.

However if your new smartphone or tablet does not have the Google Play store already preloaded, it is easy to get it installed manually. Most Android based applications come in the apk file format. Such a file format is usually not readable on PCs and other non Android devices. Again, not all Android devices can read apk files of different versions. For such reasons, it might be confusing to get your hands on the right apk file which will work in your Android device. For some people, they might accidentally remove the Google Play store icon or application when they gain root access to their device. It is possible to load the Google play store download application manually back onto your Android device.

The first method to use is to try and download the file using the data connection and the mobile browser on your Android phone or tablet. If the data connection is strong or you have WiFi connectivity, you will surely find online connection easily on your browser. You might need to have flash plugin installed to download and install the Google Play store application. If you have all requisite applications and a strong data connection, it should not be a problem to download the Google Store app directly through the mobile data connection.

For those who are unable to use their data connectivity and download the required file from the internet, there is still hope. If you have a working PC and internet connection, it will help you to download the apk file. You can find the file on trusted download forums and Android blogs. Once you have downloaded the latest version of Google Play store, it is necessary to transfer the file to the Android device. This can be done by using the USB cable. Once the file transfer is done, the Android device will have a file manager application for installing the file.

After the file is installed, click on the icon and check whether the Google Play store is opening correctly. You need to be able to download files directly through this app on your Android device. You also need to have working data connectivity for the same.

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