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You might wonder what puts Android OS in a different category than other operating systems for mobile devices. The reasons are several:

  • The Android OS is an open source platform on which developers can work on with easy tools to develop different kinds of applications.
  • The open source tools available for Android make it possible for developers all over the world to develop applications of different kinds of Android based phones and tablets.


With the flexibility that Google Play Store offers with the Android platform, it has become a fertile playground for different app developers to create apps of different kinds. As a result, Android platform has a wide variety of apps that are available for different gadgets. A reliable forum to find different kinds of apps for Android devices is the Google Play Store.

The Google Play Store is a forum that was created foremost at the time when Android apps were a novelty. The apps are available at this forum in different categories. Even though today there are other Android app marketplaces, the Google Play Store still commands a dominant position in this market for the following reasons:

  • Android platform being promoted by Google, it has the foremost ownership of most apps that are developed for this platform.
  • The Google Play Store works as the default app store in most Android devices.
  • With different apps available through this forum, most people will find all kinds of apps here, both in the free and paid category.
  • The Google Play Store becomes a reliable forum for one to find authentic apps which are free from malware.
  • Apps are often rated and reviewed in this forum as it is a popular platform for downloads. That allows one to find proper feedback about any app before downloading it.
  • Apps are automatically updated and wish lists created along with personalized recommendations on the Google Play Store.

For the above reasons, the Google Play Store is the undisputed forum that you need to have on your device. This app is a lightweight and free application to have on any Android device. Most Android devices come with Google Play pre installed at the time of purchase. For other platforms, it is possible to download the app through an emulator program such as for PCs or Windows based phones.

Play Store for PC free app

Are you looking to download Play Store for computer? It is a place where you will find different kinds of Android apps. Android is an open source operating system, it is the base for most mobile devices in the world. Developed by Google, it has become one of the foremost operating system based on which most smartphone and tablet manufacturers have been developing their different lines of products. Play Store is a marketplace for all kinds of Android apps. It is an open forum any app developer in the world can put up their app here for download or for selling, after it is duly approved by Google.

The Play Store website can show you the different applications that are available here. Indeed, the range of apps here is enticing to say the least. What you will find here are a delectable range of apps of different kinds such as:

  • Apps that are functional and free are easily found through the search option included.
  • Apps can be viewed as per different categories here such as functional, games, movies, books and other forms of entertainment.
  • You can download the apps from this forum by linking your Google or Gmail account with this forum.
  • Once you have set up your account here you can then link any Android device you own with this store.
  • Once you find an app here for download, you can then proceed to okay the download for any Android device that you have. It needs to have the Google Play Store installed in it and linked to your Gmail or Google account.

There are certain problems if you wish to download Play Store for PC. These pertain to the Google Play Store being an apk file and all applications that it offers are apk files as well. Hence, these will not be downloaded through the Google Play Store on your PC or work directly on your computer which might be Mac or Windows based.

If you wish to download the Google Play Store for your PC, you need to do the following:

  • You need to have an Android emulator program on your PC which will then be the platform on which you can download and run apk files.
  • Bluestacks is the emulator program which is popular for Mac and Windows based PCs.
  • You can find the right version for your PC OS from any download forum.
  • Once the emulator program is on your PC you will be able to download the apk file of the Google Play Store.
  • Once the apk file of the Google Play Store is downloaded and working, you can then download other apps through it.
  • The apps that you download through Google Play will work on Bluestacks, as they would on any Android device.

With the above steps it is possible to have any Android app working on your PC. You will be able to browse through the different apps and features that the Google Play Store offers on your PC.

Best apps in Google Play

Google Play offers different kinds of apps and these keep changing every year. If you are wondering what the different apps are, that have become popular this year, you can browse through the list given below to know the popular apps in the different categories that come for free or paid to this platform:

  • Spotify is a music streaming application that retains its popularity. This app has been available for long and the latest version sees it with a modern interface that makes it easy to use and attractive to look at. You can create playlists here as per your mood.


  • WhatsApp and Snapchat still remain two most popular downloads when it comes to instant messaging. These are apps that are available for free on Google Play and you can rely on the app to provide you the latest versions of these two files.
  • Venmo is another app that has gained popularity in recent times. It is an app that allows one to send money to each other. The convenient app has become popular among friends who are splitting the check at a bar or a restaurant.
  • The signal is an encrypted app that allows you to chat with confidence. For those who look for ways to keep their chat super secret, this is an app that comes in handy, especially for business people or politicians.
  • NPR One is a great app to find public radio stations easily. If you wish to listen to different radio stations as well as listen to podcasts, this is an app that you will surely like to download for free through the Google Play Store.
  • NYT Cooking is another popular app. Though it is only in the web version for download in Android devices, you will want to use this app to check different recipes for different occasions. You can also save your favorite recipes for later reference.
  • Prisma is a photo editing application that is available for free on Google Play.  This app has certain unique features to offer as it uses complex techniques to help transform ordinary images into works of art that are vibrant and free of errors or blemishes.
  • Among the apps for games A Good Snowman is a paid app on Google Play but it is a popular game that has caught the fancy of many.
  • The other game that cannot be missed out is Pokemon Go. Here the super powerful creatures task players to reach a certain location for which one physically has to travel in order to capture new Pokemons. There are different items to collect as well as battles to engage in such as in gyms.
  • Whitenoise is another popular application that works for getting your baby to sleep as it offers a collection of noises from nature in order to soothe your baby to sleep.
  • Bitmoji is another fun application that helps to customize and allows users to create avatars of them. Stickers with emoji like effects created in animation with your own images will help transform emojis in Snapchat and other instant chat functions.

Play Store apk emulator

If you wish to use Play Store on non Android devices, that might be difficult to do so. Play Store itself is an Android based application. It is designed to work on the Android platform. For that reason, if you are planning to get the Google Play Store on your PC or iOS to show in this article to run it on a mobile device that does not use Android, you will want to download an emulator program explain here for your device or PC.


If you browse through the Google Play Store on your PC web browser, you will be able to view the website version of the same. Here you will find the latest and popular apps of different categories highlighted on the main page. There are different categories of apps listed on the left hand panel of the page. You could browse through the different categories and find an app of your need or liking. When you click on an app you will find the features and description of the app followed by reviews, ratings and recommendations by others. For that reason, you will surely love the Play Store website. If you wish to have the same on your PC, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find an emulator program in order to run Google Play on your computer. For instance, for PCs Bluestacks is a dependable program that can simulate the Android environment for your PC.
  • This emulator program will help create the right platform for running any apk file.
  • Once you have Bluestacks or any other emulator program on your PC you will be able to download Google Play on this platform.
  • This will help you find different kinds of app through Google Play. You will be able to experience the apps on your PC that runs the emulator program.
  • The same method needs to be used for any non Android mobile device. Mobile version of Bluestacks is available for Nokia phones on which you can run the Google Play Store or install the same.

Play Store last update

When you have the Google Play Store on your Android device like samsung mobile, you are able to conduct different functions related to apps. Indeed, our phones and tablets are unable to function without apps these days, and when it comes to Android devices these needs the Google Play Store as a comprehensive platform for downloading, searching as well as updating different apps. If you do not have the Google Play Store on your Android device, the steps to follow are as mentioned below:

play store for computer

  • Visit the mobile web browser.
  • Here you will find the Google Play Store apk file when you search for it.
  • Choose a trusted source and check for the latest version to download.
  • Once the download Play Store is done you can then click on the file to install the same.
  • The file to install might need the security settings to be changed in the device.

Once Google Play is successfully installed on your device, you will need to link it to your Google or Gmail account. This ensures that your device is registered with Google Play. It will then send across downloads that you request for through Wi-Fi or data connection. The Play Store is usually installed from before on any new Android device. As a result, you can download different apps as well as pay for paid apps through this app. You can also update the downloaded apps through this platform. It is imperative that the Play Store also gets updated on your device from time to time. The latest version is 7.2.13.

There are several advantages that the latest version of the Play Store offers to different devices:

  • If you are wondering how to download the latest version of Google Play, you can simply browse for it. As Google Play offers all other apps for updating through it, we often neglect to update Google Play itself.
  • It is necessary to update your Google Play as it will offer bug fixes and greater security.
  • If you are wondering what the latest version offers, it comes of 17 MB file size. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and above versions.
  • Android 7.1 devices can also run this apk file.
  • With this version you will find an updated app interface that allows one to browse different categories easily.
  • Google Play offers a customized wish list and recommendation section. This will help you find relevant and apps of your choice more easily.

The above features are some of the several advantages that one gets with the latest version of Google Play. It is recommended that you update Google Play from time to time, for example, you can check all update about Play Store for Blackberry and get the apps in the same way. It is the main interface through will Android apps is made available. For that reason, the marketplace is always updating apps that are available in different sections as well as have new features and information to offer about the apps.

Play Store is the premier forum for one to gain access to different kinds of Android apps. Android is a platform that has gained popularity of late. It is an open source operating system based on which several mobile devices are built. Designed and put on the market by Google, Android OS has helped convert several mobile devices into popular gadgets in the hands of many.

play store android

Play Store has been updating the way people view apps and gets information about them. For instance, if you are unaware of apps in a certain category, you simply need to visit that particular segment in order to know the apps that are popular, latest releases, are recommended, free or paid. When you wish to know more about an app, all you need to do is click on an app and read up descriptions about it. Reviews and ratings by others help one to understand the different features and aspects of an app and what makes it great or unique.

You will also get different Google Play apps such as Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Books and others for downloads of these categories. You will be able to find the best of apps in all these categories in such a way.

Apps are offered with great reliability through the Play Store. Many people get plagued with spam ware or malware on their device when they download Android apps through unknown sources, and in that case, the Play Store takes full responsibility to offer apps that are reliable and of sound quality. Some apps come along with ads which are previously mentioned in the app description section.  The vivid and useful description and summary for each app helps one to know all vital aspects of an app before one opts for its download.

You will get to check the terms and conditions for each app before you download them through the Google Play Store.

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