Play Store Download for Android

Today there are several kinds of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. The best part of such devices is the plethora of apps that are available for running on such platforms. From getting weather updates to games for your kids, there is nothing that does not have an Android app for it. In fact, most of such devices already come with Google Play store icon pre loaded.

play store for android

This is the main marketplace for getting Android apps. Though there are other Android forums, there is none as distinguished and reliable as Google Play. It also has the largest collection of free and paid apps for Android and other devices that show in this link as well. For such reason, the Google Play store icon is the first thing you need to check when you get your hands on a new tablet or smartphone.

However if your new smartphone or tablet does not have the Google Play store already preloaded, it is easy to get it installed manually. Most Android based applications come in the apk file format. Such a file format is usually not readable on PCs and other non Android devices. Again, not all Android devices can read apk files of different versions. For such reasons, it might be confusing to get your hands Read More…

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How Download Play Store for Android and iPhone

The world of smartphone has introduced people to a whole new dimension when it comes to technology. There are many developers who have introduced many different apps that have opened many different possibilities. Most of these apps can be accessed through the Play Store and the app store for Android and iOS operated phones respectively. The Play Store and the app store usually come installed on the phone.  However you may accidentally remove the app or want to update the version.  This can be achieved in simple steps:

play store download

How to install Play Store for Android

One thing that you ought to know is that the Play Store can only be downloaded from other sources.  This is because the app comes as an APK file.  To download this app you need to enable the security option that will allow the device to accept apps from unknown sources.

  • You will have to open the settings tab on your phone.
  • Select the security option and choose the unknown sources.  By checking this option, you will be able to access apps from other options. You however have to be careful because the app may harm your computer. It is prudent for you to unchecked this option once you are done with the installation.
  • Open your browser and search for the APK mirror.
  • Click on Google Play Store, and click on download.
  • A pop up will appear ignore it and the download will begin.
  • Click on Install.

You are required to have an account with Google.  This is way too will help you to access the different apps.  If you are using iPhone Read More…

Play Store Download for iPhone

If you own an iPhone or tablet, you will surely be visiting the Apple app store or the Tunes stores to get free or paid apps for your devices. Today Android apps are growing in number and popularity and often rival the set of apps that are available for Apple device users. Indeed, you might just come across an application that runs on Android devices and you might be wishing to have the same on your iPhone or iPad.

play store for iPhone

You might be wondering whether it is possible and in fact it is very much so. Google Play already has versions launched for Apple devices. There is much that you can do through this app. Once you see the range of apps that are available on Google Play, you will surely want to have as many choices for your iPhone or iPad as well.

If you review the news articles clicking here which provide updates on tech gadgets and applications, you will know that Google Play has already had its compatible versions available for iPhones and iPads way back in 2010. From Google Play books to music, there is much that you can download through Apple’s app store. Thus you will realize that, the key to getting hold of Google Play is to visit iTunes or Apple store where you can get this app downloaded. There are separate apps for Google Play books, Movies and even Google Play TV. For iPhones and tablets of Apple, you will need to download these apps from the stores as the Google Play store will not work on such devices.

There are select apps that are made available for iOS devices. Google Play Books is an app that was launched in 2010. This was an app launched for the app store of Apple. More recently the Google Play Music was launched, in 2013. This app offers several possibilities for Read More…

Play Store free Download for PC

Are you looking at the number of apps that are available on Google Play store download? Indeed, the number of apps in this virtual marketplace is staggering. Find out how do it in this article that we explain to continuation.

play store for pc

Play Store is the largest virtual marketplace for Android apps and it has come to be known as the trusted platform or source of all kinds of free and paid apps for Android devices. People who own Android phones or tablets are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding apps of any category. However, the only thing standing in between your joy of exploring an app on your phone or tablet is the slow data connectivity. Mobile processors and mobile data connections are still lagging behind in many parts of the world. Even though in many countries 4G technology is in vogue, many are still struggling with 3G or even poorer connectivity.

For such reasons, you might want to go around the problem by downloading the apps onto your computer. Usually internet connections are cheaper for laptops through landline or broadband connections. Thus, it proves cheaper to download apps onto your PC instead of directly downloading them onto your smartphone or tablet. However when you log onto Google Play via the browser or your PC, you will be asked to Read More…

Play Store for Samsung Download

Samsung is one of the major smartphone brands.  The smartphone is android operated and that means that you can access the different apps from Play Store.  The Play Store is the place to be if you want access to different apps.  There are many versions of Play Store that have been developed.  All these version have come with different improvements that have been added. You may not be able to download the Play Store as it comes already installed.  However, you may update the Play Store to the latest version.

play store for samsung

How to download Play Store

Play Store the app comes as an APK file and that means that you will have to download it from other sources.  You may be required to give authorization for the device to be able to accept the APK.

  • Open the settings icon on your home page.
  • On the security option, check on unknown sources. You however need to uncheck this button once you are done with the installation. You need to be protected your device from unauthorized apps.
  • Open your browser on your phone and search for APK mirror.
  • Once the results are displayed, click on Google Play Store.
  • You need to have 14.45 MB for storage to be able to download this app. Click on download.
  • A pop will appear, ignore it.
  • Once the download of the app is complete, click on install.
  • Uncheck the unknown sources button on your phone.

All the Play Store free versions have come with many improvements. The latest version of the Play Store is the 6.0.5 version that was introduced in December 2015. This version has brought different changes. In the past the Play Store had 6 different fields. However, with this version Read More…

Google Play Store App

Google Play Store is one of the most popular online stores used by many of the Android operating systems to download and access millions of apps of different categories on their Android devices. No matter you are looking for games, music, movies, software, e-books, health tips and many more, you will be able to find many apps in each of the categories very easily. Most of the modern day Android Smartphones and tablets come with Google Play Store pre-loaded on it. There are also many who do not have the Google Play Store installed on their Android device as they have picked up one that does not have it pre-loaded on their device. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily get the Google app marketplace running on your Android device by downloading and installing it on your device manually.

play store download

Install Google Play Store APK

The simplest and the easiest way to get Google Play Store on your Android device is to install Play Store apk manually. It is an Android version of the exe program on your computer. You can use this to get the Play Store on your device without getting it from Play Store. Pick the latest version of the Google Play Store apk from reliable Android websites only.

Sideload on Your Device 

There are two ways of getting the Google Play Store app on your device, one is to install apk file directly on the device, and the second is to install it on your PC and then use it on your device. Downloading the Play Store apk file directly on your device is a time saving and easy option. All you need is to Google search for the latest version of Play Store apk file using your mobile browser and download the apk file on your device. Next, you need to enable your device’s security settings, and for this you need to locate “Unknown Sources” and enable security settings. Once the process is complete, you can disable the “unknown Sources” to be safe.

After doing this, go to the download folder and launch the apk file that you have downloaded. You might sometimes find the apk file in the completed download notification in the notifications drop down shade, find it and launch it. You will be asked to read permissions, accept it for the app to install. The app will get installed on your computer, look here the explanation and you can find it on your home screen or in the apps section of your device. The Google Services Framework will get automatically installed on your Android device, as this is what Google uses to keep the Play Store app to communicate with your apps and to carry out updates as and when required. If Google Services Framework does not auto install, then you can do it manually by checking the same sources mentioned for Google Services Framework apk and install it manually.  Now, you can create a Google account or log in to Google Play Store to access all the popular apps.

Play Store Download Free

If you wish to download free apps from Play Store, you will find several apps to choose from. Indeed, there is a staggering range of choice in every category and that too, several of them are free. You need to know which would be the optimal way to choose a free app that will surely be a great download and will not cost you anything to use it.

google play store free download

How To Search For Free Apps

Before you proceed to download free apps from Play Store, you need to know the best way to search for the same. When you go into the Play Store, you will find a search tab. Here you can type in the keywords such as “free apps” or any specific app category you have in mind. Accordingly, you will find the apps displayed as search results. It is advised that you start with the right category which will help you to narrow down your search. If you are looking for an app for your child of four years old, you could search for apps for children and then further narrow it down by age range.  Apps in the free category include useful programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Bar Code Scanner, Facebook and popular games like Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Angry Bids and any others.

Not All Apps Are Absolutely Free

There is a catch when you are downloading free apps from Play Store. Even if an app is free, it might need data connection to download data or contents such as Amazon Kindle. Such apps will not play in mobile devices without data connection. For such reasons, you need to check up the details of the app and ensure that it contains enough content without requiring further download play store for android and download play store for iPhone. Some apps offer limited content and then ask you to download further content for a price. If you go through the customer reviews you will be able to understand most of these details from the experiences of others. Legendary apps such as My Talking Tom, pets who need to be taken care of like Pou and other games as well as useful programs like system cleaner, system performance booster are only some of the many useful and entertaining apps that come free from Google Play.

Play Store Download for Android

When you have acquired an Android smartphone, you will surely be pleased with the choices you have to download several Android apps from Google Play and other sites. Google Play Store is the premier site for most Android apps. There are other Android marketplaces available but the largest range of apps is available on Google Play. Most Android smartphones come with a Google Play app. That will help you to log onto and Download Play Store directly. All you need is to create an account and link your Android devices with your Play Store account.

play store android

Process Of Getting Apps Onto Your Android Device

When you have linked your Google Play account with the Android devices you own, you will gain several advantages. You can click on an app ad find out whether it will be compatible or not with the Android device you wish to download it to. Once you click on the Download button, you will get a notification that the app will be downloaded onto your device. Even if the download does not start immediately, as long as your mobile device has data connection, you will find the download has completed automatically in your device.

Having Google Play Account Offers Several Advantages

In such ways, it is convenient to shop around for apps on Google Play Store for Android device. There are many free apps that you can download onto your Android device which are available on different categories in the Google Play store such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Facebook, Google Chrome, Whatsapp, Subway Surfer, Pou, Angry Birds, PC Remote and several others. If you have the Google Play app on your mobile phone or tablet, you can simply click on the app to get started. Once you have created your Google Play account, you can use it even on your computer to download apps to your Android device.  Once you have selected apps for your Android device on your computer, the apps will get automatically downloaded onto your Android device.

Google Play Store for PC Download

You might have noticed how the apps available on the Google Play Store do not get downloaded onto your PC but directly to the Android mobile or tablet you enlist on your account? Indeed, that is one of the unique ways that Google Play functions and it may also cause problems if you are unable to get Google Play working on your Android phone or download play store for tablet. It is not easy to download the apk files which are the general format of Google Play. This store will send across apps directly to the Android platform based devices. However, there are a number of apps on this store that work for PCs. For instance, AirDroid. This article is a useful app that helps you manage data on your Android devices from your laptop.

play store pc download

Remote Connectivity Apps

A similar app is GoToMyPC. This app allows you to access the remote desktop of your computer through our phone. This category of apps is most popular among those who wish to establish connectivity between their PC and Android devices. PCRemoteControl, BluetoothRemotePC, AndroidPCRemote are some of the similar apps which promote remote connectivity with PC through Android apps.

Other Apps To Consider

The list of apps that can control different features of your PC are endless. For instance, Remote Control for the media player on your PC which allows you to play the songs on your PC player without having to walk upto it every time. ReverseTether is another useful app that allows you to use the internet connection of your PC on your mobile devices.  These are some of the many useful apps that are related to PC usage. Contrary to what you might have thought, these apps do not get downloaded onto your PC directly but will only work through your Android apps (click here to download Play Store for Android) and help control and enhance several features of your PC functions.

Google Play Store Apps For iPhone

If you also possess an iPhone, you might wonder whether the apps on Google Play will work on your iPhone. You have every reason to doubt as the Google Play store is an Android marketplace predominantly which means that most apps that are available for free or need to be purchased, can be used only on Android devices. The Android and the iOS platforms are distinctly different and an app meant for the Android devices will not work on iOS. Even though most people know this, not many realize that there are some apps available on Google store that will work on other devices also, including the iOS.

play store iphone

Apps To Replicate Iphone Features

If you type the keywords “iPhone” or “iPhone apps”, you will find a few apps that are displayed. These are either universal apps such as a text editor which can predict and auto correct in a better manner than the built in word processor in your mobile device or they are apps to help recreate certain unique features of iPhones such as iPhone 5 keyboard iOS 7 or iPhone 5S screen lock. If you like the way the folders are arranged in iPhone, you could get the apps from Google Store which replicates the same layout such as iPhone Style Folder. In the same way, you can get apps that replicate the touch button feature, the iOS keypad and other superficial aspects of iOS. In such way, you could have the best of both worlds through these apps.

Apps To Educate Yourself On Ios Devices And Apps

Besides such apps that help imitate many iPhone features on your Android phone, you will find some apps that educate you on the different features and functions of iPhones. There are ebooks such as iPhone for Dummies and other helpful ebooks on iPhone and iOS device apps in general. Such ebooks are compatible on all devices and will help you to educate yourself about the iOS devices and other characteristics.