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Today, most people are familiar with Google Play store. It is an app that is pre loaded with most new Android devices, whether it is an Android enabled smart phone or tablet. Most people use the app for downloading different apps for different uses, functional or for entertainment purposes. Most Android mobile devices are programmed to download apps only through the trusted Google Play store.

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This app, which represents the digital marketplace for Android apps, was launched on March 2012. It signified a merger process of apps like Google Music and Google eBookstore along with the Android market. This signified a change in the way digital services were being delivered by Google. Today there are several subcategories of apps and services that are offered under the Google Play store banner:

  • Google Play Games.
  • Google Play Newsstand.
  • Google Play Music.
  • Google Play Books.
  • Google Play Movies & TV.

These are some services that are offered under the Play Store integrated platform. It makes things easier for users as different apps need not be downloaded to access these different categories of apps. All you need is to find the Google Play store app and you will get access to the different categories of apps and services under this banner.

Through the app you will access apps that are offered free for most countries, while some are paid applications for which you need to add a secure payment account from where the payment will be subtracted when you wish to download the app. If you wonder how the app marketplace works here is a brief overview:

  • The Google Play store represents a marketplace where different developers can upload and sell applications that they develop using open source tools for the Android platform.
  • From 2014 the paid applications have started off through this platform. The marketplace takes a small registration fee from the developers who wish to sell their app through the platform.
  • The fee is charged to ensure that developers do not upload low quality apps on this platform.
  • Developers can control the distribution of the app they upload as well as pricing and in app purchases if they are to be allowed.
  • Developers are allowed to retain seventy percent of the fee received for app purchases.
  • There are associated merchant accounts with which Google Play interacts with in order to ensure that the payment transactions work in a secure manner.

This platform has now become the Mecca for all kinds of Android apps and the widest collection of any category of app can be found here. With many freeware applications, common and popular apps found foremost in this marketplace, most people need not look anywhere but simply have Google Play on their phone or tablet to get every app they ever want as well as to get them updated from time to time.

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If you own an Android device you will probably have Download Play Store on your device pre installed. However, in certain cases the app might not be present in your Android device for the following reasons:

  • You might own an old version of an Android mobile device.
  • You might have reset your mobile device to factory settings and lost all apps that were installed on it.
  • You might have uninstalled the app by mistake.

These are some of the common reasons why you might not have access to Google Play store. If you are looking to download the app for your Android device here are the steps to follow:

  • Log into your mobile web browser. Ensure that your data connectivity or Wi-Fi connection is working.
  • Access any search engine on the web browser and type in Google Play store app latest version.
  • This will help you find the relevant results.
  • Find a reliable link to download the apk file.
  • You might be issued a warning when you try to download the file through any other source other than Google Play.
  • You can change the security settings on your mobile device in order to allow the download and installation to complete.
  • Once the download is complete you can proceed to open the application.
  • Once the application is installed, you can then start using it to download other apps through it.

This is the way to get started with the Google Store on your Android device. Today it is possible to have the same app on other platforms as well. For instance, if you own an iOS device you will be able to download Google Play store on it in the following way:

  • Log on to iTunes, which is the official app, site of Apple devices.
  • Here you will find Google Play store app for iOS devices.
  • This app will offer you Android apps that will work on the iOS device.

Previously an emulator was required to run Android based applications on your iOS device. When this was the case you needed to download free an emulator program on your iOS device before you could download Google Play. Today the Android apps can run on iOS as they create their own ecosystem to support their running on an alien platform.

For other platforms like Windows you need to download the emulator program before you can run the Google Play store app. This makes it a more complicated process, but you might be able to experience the Android apps on your Windows phone or tablet in this manner. Improvements are being made to make this experience smoother and hassle free.

You might have heard of the several interesting apps that are developed and marketed on Google Play. Indeed, it is the foremost place to go if you are looking for any kind of Android app. Android apps are the largest in the app stores as they are developed with open source tools that enable developers from all over the world to develop them easily. Google Play validates and regulates the apps in order to ensure that people get the best and reliable apps for their use or entertainment.

One can look at popular and latest apps that are available on Google Play for download. One popular game app that has been recently launched is Pokemon Go. It is a location based and augmented reality game. It is a free game that can be downloaded and it is made available through Google Play for Android as well as iOS devices.

Here are some of the unique features of the game:

  • The game was initially launched in July 2016 in selected countries.
  • Players can use GPS of their mobile phones in order to locate, train, capture and battle creatures that are virtual and called Pokemon.
  • They appear on the screen in a real world location as per the player’s location.
  • When you download the game you will see in app purchases available as well.

The reviews about the Pokemon Go are mixed. The concept of the game is praised by most and it also gives the game players to be more active and be in the real world. However, there were apprehensions that the game would face technical issues as well as nuisance in public places. However, today the game has gained popularity worldwide.

If you are wondering how the game is played here are some excerpts:

  • Players need to travel physically in order to explore the map in the game or to visit the PokeStops as shown on the map as well as gyms represented by different icons.
  • You might encounter a Doduo which is in the mode of augmented reality. You need to throw the Poke Ball in order to capture it.
  • You need to create an avatar after you open an account in the game. You then need to select the physical attributes of the avatar as well.
  • With the help of the geographical location of the user or player the player’s position is shown.
  • Players need to visit the physical places as shown on the map as PokeStops.

This is one of the several games that are available on Google Play. There are numerous games that are offered on the platform which can be downloaded with ease on their iOS or Android devices. This platform proves to be the most reliable one as one would find that the apps on this platform are trusted, reviewed and come free of malware. The apps that are downloaded through this platform are offered for regular updates as well. That way you can be rest assured that you are working with the latest version of an app. These are some of the several reasons you need to refer to Google Play store on your Android device when you wish to access any Android app.

All kinds of retail and merchant apps or service apps are also made available through the Google Play store. That is because merchants, retailers and developers know that they can reach the largest subscriber base through this platform that is trusted by millions and billion downloads occur through this platform every day.

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