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You might have noticed how the apps available on the Google Play Store do not get downloaded onto your PC but directly to the Android mobile or tablet you enlist on your account? Indeed, that is one of the unique ways that Google Play functions and it may also cause problems if you are unable to get Google Play working on your Android phone or download play store for tablet. It is not easy to download the apk files which are the general format of Google Play. This store will send across apps directly to the Android platform based devices. However, there are a number of apps on this store that work for PCs. For instance, AirDroid. This article is a useful app that helps you manage data on your Android devices from your laptop.

play store pc download

Remote Connectivity Apps

A similar app is GoToMyPC. This app allows you to access the remote desktop of your computer through our phone. This category of apps is most popular among those who wish to establish connectivity between their PC and Android devices. PCRemoteControl, BluetoothRemotePC, AndroidPCRemote are some of the similar apps which promote remote connectivity with PC through Android apps.

Other Apps To Consider

The list of apps that can control different features of your PC are endless. For instance, Remote Control for the media player on your PC which allows you to play the songs on your PC player without having to walk upto it every time. ReverseTether is another useful app that allows you to use the internet connection of your PC on your mobile devices.  These are some of the many useful apps that are related to PC usage. Contrary to what you might have thought, these apps do not get downloaded onto your PC directly but will only work through your Android apps (click here to download Play Store for Android) and help control and enhance several features of your PC functions.

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