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Google Play Store is one of the most popular online stores used by many of the Android operating systems to download and access millions of apps of different categories on their Android devices. No matter you are looking for games, music, movies, software, e-books, health tips and many more, you will be able to find many apps in each of the categories very easily. Most of the modern day Android Smartphones and tablets come with Google Play Store pre-loaded on it. There are also many who do not have the Google Play Store installed on their Android device as they have picked up one that does not have it pre-loaded on their device. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily get the Google app marketplace running on your Android device by downloading and installing it on your device manually.

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Install Google Play Store APK

The simplest and the easiest way to get Google Play Store on your Android device is to install Play Store apk manually. It is an Android version of the exe program on your computer. You can use this to get the Play Store on your device without getting it from Play Store. Pick the latest version of the Google Play Store apk from reliable Android websites only.

Sideload on Your Device 

There are two ways of getting the Google Play Store app on your device, one is to install apk file directly on the device, and the second is to install it on your PC and then use it on your device. Downloading the Play Store apk file directly on your device is a time saving and easy option. All you need is to Google search for the latest version of Play Store apk file using your mobile browser and download the apk file on your device. Next, you need to enable your device’s security settings, and for this you need to locate “Unknown Sources” and enable security settings. Once the process is complete, you can disable the “unknown Sources” to be safe.

After doing this, go to the download folder and launch the apk file that you have downloaded. You might sometimes find the apk file in the completed download notification in the notifications drop down shade, find it and launch it. You will be asked to read permissions, accept it for the app to install. The app will get installed on your computer, look here the explanation and you can find it on your home screen or in the apps section of your device. The Google Services Framework will get automatically installed on your Android device, as this is what Google uses to keep the Play Store app to communicate with your apps and to carry out updates as and when required. If Google Services Framework does not auto install, then you can do it manually by checking the same sources mentioned for Google Services Framework apk and install it manually.  Now, you can create a Google account or log in to Google Play Store to access all the popular apps.

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