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If you have an Android smartphone or a tablet, you will surely want to open an account with Google Store. Google Play Store is the much revered Android apps marketplace. Most Android apps are routed through this platform. No matter what kind of app you are looking for your tablet or smartphone, if it is for an Android based device you will surely find it and download Play store.

google play store

This store has come to be known as the reliable marketplace for virus and spam free apps. The apps that are found here are guaranteed to be free from spam or malware. There are not too many alternate forums that allow you to find apps of different categories and which are verified and spam free content.

You may have Google Play Store app already installed in your smartphone. That is usually the case when you buy any new Android based tablet or smartphone these days. However, you need to have the current version installed. You can check whether you have the latest version installed by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the app in your device.
  • Click on settings.
  • At the bottom you will find the build number which indicates the version. If the latest version advertised on download forums show a higher number or series, that means your Google Play store app needs to be updated.

Once you have understood that you need to update the Google Play store on your phone or tablet, you will have to download the apk file of the same. Often, Google Play store app in most devices will update its version automatically when it detects a WiFi connection or data connection. If your app is unable to update its version automatically or when prompted, you will have to download the latest file and install the same manually.

  • It is best that you seek out the Google Play store app in its latest version at trusted forums.
  • You can seek out trusted Android blogs, forums, tech blogs and other download sites that have different kinds of files for download.
  •  Ensure that the apk file that you find for downloading Google Play store onto your phone or tablet is signed by Google.
  • This file can then be downloaded onto your computer.
  • You can then transfer this file to your Android based device which will be able to retrieve and run the apk file.

Once the Play store apk file is downloaded onto the device of your choice, you need to have a file manager application that will be able to retrieve the file and run it. Usually most Android based devices have inbuilt file manager applications. Once the file manager is able to install the file you might be prompted to replace the older version with the new one. It is best that you replace the old version with the new one so that there is no confusion at the time of using Google Play store. Click on the icon and check whether you are being able to browse the apps on the Play store and download them. In case of any problem, you might have to re install the play store file.

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